‘Jaymashi’ is the greeting between Christians in Nepal. It means ‘Praise the Lord’.

When ‘jaymashi’ is spoken between two people in greeting, it means we acknowledge together that we are brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Our Australian team is excited to be used by God to touch lives here in Jesus’ name. A couple of  days ago we visited two of our orphanages and accepted another 4 children into our Community Education Sponsorship program in Dhangadhi in far west Nepal.  Yesterday five of us shared in different churches in the Nepalgunj area  where we had opportunity to share God’s Word and pray for many sick people, including one lady who was under the influence of a demon.

Today we anticipate starting our training for up to 250 Nepali’s in two locations.  We will also interview eight new children in a NEW Orphanage we are starting to sponsor – Asha (meaning Hope) Children’s Home.  This will make 5 Orphanages/ Children’s Homes that IMM is now advocating for.

One of our greatest needs right now is Sponsorships for the New Churches we anticipate starting over the next few months.  What a privilege and a joy it is to be able to partner with these amazing men and women in seeing the gospel reach the remote areas of Nepal.

If you or your church, your home group  or anyone you know would like to be part of what God is doing in Nepal we would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for your interest, love, care and prayers!

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Tradition runs deep in Nepal. They recently celebrated a Hindu colour festival which celebrates one of their gods defeating the forces of darkness. Pray for the people of Nepal – may the light of Jesus colour their nation!

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