Twice each year we (IMM) travel across Nepal and interview children who may qualify for an IMM sponsorship in one of the six Children’s Homes we support. One reoccurring story we hear is the deaths of fathers. Men who had no hope and perished from either alcoholism or suicide.

Other common denominators we observe in almost all situations are:
• Living in isolated regions
• Extreme poverty & few options for work
• Large families
• No Churches or Christians in their area

It is now late March 2018. One day last week we heard the heart wrenching story of two fathers who suicided, one leaving behind a struggling wife and seven children. The very next day we heard of two fathers who both died from alcoholism and liver disease. We look into the eyes of the children left behind. We see and sense the desperate question hanging in the air… why?

As we consider the ‘why question’ we also find ourselves struggling to comprehend the agony and desperation of those who are left behind.

One thing we know… ‘Jesus gives hope to the hopeless’. Over the coming weeks IMM’s Nepali partners will assess the potential ministries of 50+ leaders who are wanting to partner with us to plant new churches in isolated locations.

This is what drives us. This gives us hope as we try to keep our heads above water in the sea of great need in remote Nepal. Churches and Christians in locations where Jesus has not been declared and where there is no Christian church is the only answer to indescribable hopelessness.

This we know… ‘Jesus gives hope to the hopeless’. And although many of the outward circumstances may not change immediately (i.e. poverty, location & large family) hope begins to rise. Restoration begins… We also hear stories of Jesus stepping in and of men being rescued who were about to end their life or throw it away to alcoholism.

As these desperate men who are engulfed in hopelessness find hope in Jesus, they also begin to understand the truth and responsibility of fatherhood. The begin to love their wives. They begin to love their children in the way they were intended, and they find a way to instil hope to the next generation.

Ross Nancarrow
Executive Director International Mission Ministries