More than talk… this is what we do.

IMM provide 3 years training to leaders/ community workers

We equip and resource each leader to genuinely meet physical and spiritual needs in his/her respective communities with dignity and respect.

We support and mentor community workers / in location

Every community needs an advocate for good, for human dignity and a voice for the low caste, these workers bring hope and good news to their communities.

We facilitate education and care sponsorships for at risk children

With a heart to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children we seek to provide a genuine solution to genuine needs.

We actively stand against human trafficking

Trafficking of woman and children is a blight on humanity, we will do all within our power to fight this injustice against human dignity.

IMM facilitate building projects associated with disaster relief, health and education

Targeted building projects make a huge difference in developing communities, IMM have funded, earthquake and flooding relief, schools, clean water projects etc.

We seek to bring hope and grace to disadvantaged peoples and communities.

Where we work

While IMM work internationally – our major focus is currently in Nepal, where IMM is a registered partner with Nepal Community Development Association (NCDA) a Nepali registered not-for-profit organisation.

Why we do what we do

IMM believe that every individual should have the fundamental right to human dignity, respect and value.

Our greatest joy is seeing people experiencing the freedom, security and hope that is found in relationship with their Creator, enabling them to live to their full potential and purpose.

We believe that those who have experienced the transforming power of the Good News have a responsibility to support, encourage and empower disadvantaged peoples & communities and provide them with resources and opportunities to experience eternal hope.

How we operate

IMM is a Faith Based Organisation, which does not canvass support through broad base fundraising, nor guilt trips. We commit to 100% of sponsorship funding to go to the designated overseas projects. IMM Australia survives on prayer and the faithful partnership of supporters who identify with who we are and what we do.

We welcome new partners to join hearts and hands with us.

We want to invite you to partner with our vision. Share in the blessing of making practical differences in peoples’ lives. Help bring hope and opportunities to the people of Nepal. You can make a difference.